Thursday, 21 February 2013

About BoOkS !

GirlWithTheBooks: "Lieblingsbuch Bloggeraktion":   (anders ging es mit dem Bild nicht mehr :( Krank sein ist doof ... aber wenn man krank ist hat man viel Zeit zum nach denken und s...

Hi there :) 

This post is for German speaking people ! It's about starting a reading circle about favorite books ! Maybe we could start one as well .....!!!!

Also , wenn ihr Lust schaut doch mal rein ! Vielleicht spricht man sich ja :))) 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Great Idea for making beautiful scarves out of old T-shirts !

Hello my friends ,
the other day I was spending some time on Pinterest , I love the Ideas and Fotos in there and I saw a beautiful scarve made from TShirts . Yesterday I started doing one for me . It is not ready yet but I show you some pictures of the preparation . As soon as I finish my scarve I post Fotos , of course !!!!!
1. First I searched for an old TShirt !

2. Cut the bottom hem off !

3. Cut 1 inch stripes all the way up. They don't have to be even as you stretch the out and noone , not even you will notice !

4. Strech the stripes out , really hard ! No need to be gentle with them !

5. This is what it looks like when tou finish with them !

....and this is how far I got . Have a look on the blog where I find it ! As i said , I will post my scarve as soon as I am ready !
Happy crafting everyone

Julia x