Wednesday, 30 January 2013



So now I am back from Thessaloniki  ! Loads of laundry in my suitcase and just 3 days to relax . On Thursday I am starting with my exams for 14 days . 4 more to take and then finally I will have my diploma in methodic and didactic of the German language . After that I am no freelance any more and I will have the proper contract with the school I am already working for . 
Thessaloniki was very busy but there was still time for a bit of fun with my coworkers . So we went to play Bowling which was real fun as my last season was manyyy years ago . But , I finally managed to even get one round !!!

Back in Athens I went to the movies watching Lincoln , which I liked very much ! Before that I had a very long and beautiful walk in the city centre . I just LOVE Athens ! Especially at night !

Have a great Day everyone !!!


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just relax !!!!!

This is on my mind but unfortunately just there . I am very busy right now at work . Andddd it's freezing cold outside . That's why I like to look at this cozy , warm pictures !!! Ahhhh !!!
My only treat those days is my beloved Late macchiato with cinnamon . My days are full of books,notes,pencils and PC's .
Ah , I ordered a book I wanted . Pretty powerful from Bobbi Brown . I will write a review about soon .

Have to go back to work .....have a great day !!!
And remember RELAX as much as you can <3

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Last Day resting at Home ....

Finally yes !!! I was the lucky one . The lucky coin was in my piece of cake :)))
Today is my last Day at Home ....Tomorrow I will be travelling away again for work . Christmas vacation was just so short and it feels like 2 days at Home.
I did not finished my Book yet but I will read it while I am away at nights . So the Christmas feeling will last a bit longer :) I am reading " With Love at Christmas " from Carole Matthews . Here is the review about the Book . Maybe you can find some books that you like and are worth reading .

Also I need to buy a new Calendar .....and most probably I will go for a Moleskine this year even thou they are a bit pricey . I always love to buy them !!!
Now it's time to start packing my Suitcase ...... no like to do it !!!
Have a great Day everyone !!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

.....everybody !

First Day of the Year 2013 and I decided to start this Blog ....still there is a lot to learn about Blogging . I hope to meet a lot of people all over the world in here and share Ideas , Know Hows ........ or just chatting about Life !

Let's start with ..... 1st of January

Celebrating with my Family New Years Eve .
Minutes after Midnight we cut the cake . As you can see half of the Cake is left and no one so far found the lucky coin . Still got the afternoon Coffee ....wish me luck :)))
  Traditions of Cutting the Vassilopita Each family has its own tradition for cutting the Vassilopita, however they all have one thing in common: the wish for good fortune in the new year. Traditionally, pieces are cut ceremoniously by the head of the household and allocated to the church (Holy Trinity and Virgin Mary), then the head of the household (male), his wife, their children (oldest to youngest), other family members by degree of relatedness, then guests. The coin or small medallion (flouri, pronounced floo-REE) is a tradition symbolizing an extra measure of good fortune for whoever gets the piece where it has been hidden during baking, and this can cause serious confrontation if ownership of the coin is disputed. Therefore:
  • when inserting the coin, insert parallel to the way a knife will cut so it will remain in one piece;
  • when making the first cut, declare loudly who gets the pieces on either side of the knife so there are no disputes;
  • if a coin does end up between two pieces, the piece that has the larger part gets the coin.
Καλή Χρονιά! Happy New Year!

recipe here :Traditional Greek New Years Cake ( Vasilopita )