Sunday, 16 March 2014

1. week of the 30 days walking challenge !!!

Hello my dear friends
I finished my first week of the 30 day challenge " walking with Leslie Sansone " and I feel great ! Today is my rest day and I can't believe that I already miss my walking . On Monday I decided to download her "Walk it off in 30 days" program from the Walk TV on her store . This program is based on 6 days a week . Mo , We & Fr you should do the 30 min burn workout . It's 30 min of brisk walking with warm up , cool down + streches . Leslie is wearing hand weights and so do I . I started with 1 pound on each hand and in a few days I am going up to 2 pounds. On Tue , Thu and Sat you go for the strength training with weights . It is called firm 30 . The workout starts with a brisk walk to warm up for about 5 min and goes straight to weights . 10-12 min are standing exercises and after that you continue on the floor . I use for this workout 4 pounds for each hand . The firm section made my leg muscles sore for about 4 days . I could hardly sit on a chair or get up but as I said I really wasn't into sports . How do I feel after a week ? Full of energy , I already feel some parts of my body toned and stronger then ever ! 
For any of you interested in this workout here is the link from her Website and where you can download it . As I live in Greece there is no way to go out and buy one of her Cd's and waiting times from Amazon were far too long .

This week my FitBit Pedometer counted 32 miles of walking , isn't that great ?
Have a lovely Sunday everyone
Hugs , Love
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Sunday, 9 March 2014

30 days Challenge , walking with Leslie Sansone

Hello my friends , again it's been a while..... scary how fast time passes away !!!
My Blog entry today is for all of you thinking about getting from a couch potato ( ME) to a more healthy and fit person . Since a few weeks I find out about Leslie Sansone . I started walking 1 mile a day ( just of curiosity ) and I never really thought that it would be so much fun and motivating . After a few days I tried the 2 mile walk and since a few days I do the walk away the pounds 3 miles with some weights for the upper body . I really see some tiny changes on my body but what really matters is that I do feel great , I have so much more strength and energy and I can't skip a day because I need to walk !!! 
That's why I started a challenge on Fitbit . The group is called 30 days Challenge , walking with Leslie Sansone . Feel free to join , it would be great to encourage each other and talking about our progress ! The Challenge is starting tomorrow ! Hope to see some readers there !
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone .
Love , Hugs 

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