Wednesday, 30 January 2013



So now I am back from Thessaloniki  ! Loads of laundry in my suitcase and just 3 days to relax . On Thursday I am starting with my exams for 14 days . 4 more to take and then finally I will have my diploma in methodic and didactic of the German language . After that I am no freelance any more and I will have the proper contract with the school I am already working for . 
Thessaloniki was very busy but there was still time for a bit of fun with my coworkers . So we went to play Bowling which was real fun as my last season was manyyy years ago . But , I finally managed to even get one round !!!

Back in Athens I went to the movies watching Lincoln , which I liked very much ! Before that I had a very long and beautiful walk in the city centre . I just LOVE Athens ! Especially at night !

Have a great Day everyone !!!


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