Saturday, 28 December 2013

About Resolutions ... Happy New Year !

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Hello dear friends <3 
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas time with your loved ones . I spent Christmas with my family and it was wonderful !!! Sitting at the fireplace , chatting , listening to music and ..... eating way too much . And that is when you think .....
Well ,it’s that time of year again…the time when many of us make a long list of all the ways we want to make our lives better over the coming year. We’ll start out strong today, we’ll continue tomorrow, and then next week we’ll be back to our old habits. It’s like we purposely set ourselves up for failure or something. New year resolutions are always a bit of a challenge for me, but this year, I’ve decided to keep it simple. I want to do whatever it takes to maintain my happiness personally and professionally. That’s it. I figure if I can do that, everything else will fall into place naturally.

Otherwise we mostly end up like this 

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What I really wish for the new year is Health !!! 
Have a great New Year 

everyone and may your wishes come true <3

Love - Hugs & XXX 

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hello you dearest <3
yesterday I arrived home for the Holidays ! Finally we are all together and the holy days can begin . Unfortunatelly I have to leave 1 of January but there is one week till then and spending time with my family is all that I want .
On Sunday I bought the last presents and now there are all under the tree .

 All my suitcase was full of presents ....there was just a small piece of space for a few shirts and one pair of jeans BUT I want to spend most days in my p.j's so what the heck . Last weekend we went with my daughter to the Athens Metro Mall and it was helllll . You could only see stressed people , crying kids , angry couples ....well you know , just the usual a few days before Christmas .

Sometimes I wish everything could be so much lighter and easier like it was some years back . This picture shows Athens in the 60's at Christmas time . Wonderful , don't you think ?

The snow is fake but it really was freezing cold :-)

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bake some Christmas

HoHoHo everyone ....
8 days to go till Christmas and things are crazy as every year . It's not only the Chrismas preparations , gifts and so on ... it's also that I am in the middle of my exams and that somehow does not allow me to be as happy as I want as I try to do several things at once . BUT nevertheless I feel all this awsome Christmas spirit everywhere . Walking in between lights and beautiful decorations makes me feel like I did when I was a little girl . 

 Last Sunday I did some Christmas baking ( away from home , in a foreign kitchen ...yes feel pity for me ) just to remember my childhood in Germany . There is no Christmas without it . My favorite is the Chocolade Bread . It's so simpel , delicious and it makes a lot of pieces . Try it and I am sure that you will bake it very often !
That's what it looks like ....

and here is the Recipe :

250 g Butter
250 g Sugar
250 g dark Chocolate ( chopped )
250 g Hazelnuts ( grated )
100 g Flour
6   Eggs
Chocolate glaze

Whisk the butter and sugar till they are foamy and insert the eggs , stir them well . Insert the flour slowly . At the end put the chocolate and the hazelnuts inside . Again stir all the ingredients together .
Put the mixture on a baking tray covered with baking paper .
Bake for 20 min . at 180 degrees .

Let it cool and spread the glaze over it . Cut it in small squares ! Enjoyyyy

It is really easy and I am sure that everyone will love it !
I baked also some Christmas cookies and ok , that's it for this year . I am sure that my Mom has baked big amounts of greek Christmas sweets (melomakarona and kourambiedes) back at home and that should be enough ...!?

 I think that the most important thing on Xmas is the preparation !!! when the house smells of cinnamon , the bakery , the sparkling lights , the christmas tree and the thoughts we give to our loved ones .
I took some pictures from walks and I hope that they give you all this nice warm feelings they gave me .

Have a nice Day 
Hugs - Love 

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

....into the christmas mood

Happy December everyone <3
It's this time of the year where the days are getting short , the weather cold and we all want to spend more time inside ... or maybe it is just me . I like to see the first Christmas decorations , to taste the first Christmas sweets ( it would be much better not to ) and all this is reminding me that my favorite time of the year just arrived . The time before Christmas . First thing I do is searching for my Top Christmas movies . Spending time on my sofa , with my cosy blanket and a nice hot cup of cocoa , tea or coffee . Sometimes I wish I could creep in and be part of the story . I laugh , I cry , I am beeing sentimental or happy , just as the people inside . Watching old movies makes me wondering if it would be better to live at that time . Do you ask yourself sometimes the same ? Don't you feel like turning time back or to be living in another decade ? 
Anyways , here are some of my favorite Christmas movies 

What are your favorites ? 
Have a nice day 
Love , Hugs 
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

"N"aily Days's all Greek to me :)

Hello my dearest friends all over the world !!!
Nooo I don't say it just like that , I can see it on my view tracker that many people from around the globe are visiting me .... Thank you all so much <3

Today I have a confession to make and I know that many of you will be like "WHAT?"- "NO WAY" - "WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER ?"

are you ready to hear ...
Today I am getting my first professional manicure ....... Till now I am doing the nails myself and I really pay attention to clean and nice cut nails . I am just not much into long nails and colorful varnish . I like it the pale , whitish way favorite shade is : Faint of Heart from Mac . It is a pale milky nude and I really love it .

This morning as I was taking a walk with my mom I met an old friend of mine ( teenagefriends) and she is a nailartist . While chatting I asked her about semi-permanent nailpolish and I spontaneously made an appointment for today . I am very curious to see how it will look like and of course how long it will last . As I will be away again for about a month I asked her if I can take the colour out myself and she told me that this is no problem . I did a before picture of my nails and I will publish an after picture .
Next day !

So I went for my manicure .... It was great as we talked about old times, our adventures as teenagers and how much we waited for the summer vacations to see each other as I was living in Germany . But it was not only me she was waiting for ... she couldn't wait for her goodie bag full of Haribo Gummibaerchen :)

Somehow it was more like a coffee chit chat , the manicure was irrelevant but at the end I liked it . I chosed a colour just like my Mac favorite and she did a small design . Nothing fancy as I am not into this and it can also be removed at any time without doing any damage to the permanent varnish .

Now I start counting the days to see for how long it will last . Maybe I become a huge fan !!!??? Anyways , next time I'll tell ya how long it lasts . 

Enough of the beauty talk ... time to have a big cup of hot chocolate ! You have to try this one ! It's the most delicious chocolate I ever tried ! 

That's for now ! Have a great day you all 
Love - Hugs &

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

BiThDaY- GrEeTiNgS

Hello you all ,

so it was my bithday on the 31th of october far away from home working . But thanks to my wonderfull colleagues and friends it was a great day ! I love you <3 all !!!
I wanted to start my day walking throu the city , doing some seighseeing , feeling like a tourist . I was lucky as I started work at 2p.m. So there was a lot of time and I can't believe it myself ....I walked 13,9 km !!! Maybe you wonder how I know ? Well , I started my MapmyWalk app :) The day was sunny , like I ordered it for my special day !

Starting with a Latte and waffles chocolate breakfast ....mmmmm

Even thou I work now for almost a year in Thessaloniki I discovered great new places , I never saw before . Fenafresh - This shop is so AMAZING ! you can find almost everything , from shoes , to clothes ( one floor with discount up to 60% ), accessories  and amazing , smart , cute things for your home !!!

Walking on to the archaelogical museum I met a group of great grandmas and grandpas from the U.K ! I joined them for about an hour and really had a hilarious time ! They took this pictures :) 
but the great adventure was getting the bus !!!!!! This bus reminded me of my childhood when I was visiting Greece with my parents !!! I really thought that I would never see this again or maybe just in some old movies ...the only thing missing was the bus collector hahahaha

In the evening we had some tapas and as we talked about having a drink afterwards we run into a great Halloween party at "The Pub" !
This day was just perfect !!!
Many thanx to all this precious people in my life ! To all my friends thinking of me and of course to my family <3

                                      Have a beautiful Sunday
                                           Love - Hugs &

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Do U Noodle ?

Hello everyone ,

again it's been a long time since the last time I published on my blog but time really is flying away !!!
I am on my 10 days break right now after working for about 12 hours a day .
I become a Noodle fanatic ........... everything started looking for a birthday present . My colleague and friend Gerlinde loves everything handmade . She also loves the greek "Kourelou" , which is a carpet made from old cotton cloths on a loom . I have a lot of them from my grandmothers . But as I have no loom and I could not find and cut off old T-Shirts I discovered the noodles yarn . Beautiful colors and it was hard to decide what colors to choose. After talking with Gerlinde , I figured out that she loves redish things for her home .
The yarn is very thick and easy to crochet . I used a 20 crochet hook and it was very easy . The only difficult part was the weight the bigger the carpet become and that it was very hot and having the carpet on my body with 35 degrees caused some sweaty moments . BUT looking at Gerlindes face when I gave her the present was so worth it !!!
I forgot to took pictures from the start but here is what it looks like !

Now it's time to prepare one for me ! Maybe reading this you got in the mood to Noodle too ??? The time is right , days are getting colder ...just imagine you , sitting on your selfmade carpet enjoying hot chocolade and reading a book ...tempting ???
Have a beautiful day 

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TaaaaTOO - 2

Happy Tuesday everyone !!!

Last time I was preparing myself for my first tattoo . It took me a while to choose the perfect word, fonts ,style .... which wrist should I have my tattoo on , left or right ? After a lot of thoughts and conversations I did it .
I was kind of nervous as I did not know how much it hurt and how long it would take . Well .... it HURTS a LOT !!! The wrist is a place which is very soft and delicate and you really feel it . My tattoo artist told me that the wrist and the side are the most painful areas . Of course he told me that after the tattoo was done .

Here are some pictures during the process .

Stencil is ready after about half an hour working on the computer 
Word is ready ..lets go for the birds 
...and here it is !!! My first tattoo !!! I LOVE IT !!! 

I am proud of myself :)
What I did not thought about was the time after . You have to take care of your tattoo , washing it softly with a mild soap and putting a special cream on it 4-5 times a day . The first two days you can not touch it cause it hurts . Ah and don't sleep on white sheets on this first days cause the ink is coming out . I could see all my night journey the next morning . After 5 days it becomes itchy and the skin peels off . The flakes have the colour of the tattoo so don't be scared if you see your skin becoming multi-coloured. The first 15 days don't swim ( which is not that easy living in Greece with hot temperatures ) and avoid the sun ( impossible again ) !!! Put on Suncream at least with indicator 30 and as I said keep it moist and clean .
OK , I think that most of you know all about tattoos as I must have been one of the last people not having a tattoo but just in case there are some freshman's like me out there it's good to know what to expect , no ?
After all I am very happy with my tattoo and I can't look enough to it :)

                                            Have a great day

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