Friday, 26 April 2013

Summer in the City ....

Summer , Summer , Summer ...Yes , finally Summer arrived !
Here are some pictures of sunny , stunning , fantastic Athens !!!
Enjoy :)


Acropolis Museum 

Flea Market - Monastiraki 

Coffee Break 

Have a great Friday Night 
Love , Hugs and XXX

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Say Cheeseeee ...

the other day I baked with my class these cakes I told you about . My students enjoyed them as did my colleagues ! Yesterday , after our class they started talking about cakes . They are all germans and being such means that you really know about cakes and bread of course . Since I was a little child I really loved to cook and to bake . A typical german cake is "Cheesecake" - " Käsekuchen " !!!
As we were drinking our coffee they asked me if I could bake one for them . It was a challenge cause even thou I was borned in Germany and lived there for over 21 years I have greek roots which means that in my family we baked and cooked a lot of the greek cuisine too ! So I call myself a "Multi-Culti" cooker hahahaha . I said yes and started ! The kitchen I used was very very small as it is the staff kitchen .
That's why I couldn't take pictures during the preparation .
This cake is very easy and YUMMY !!!

For the Cake floor you need :
200 g Flour
100 g Sugar
1 tspn Baking Powder
1 Egg
75 g Butter

Mix all the ingredients together and knead them to a firm dough . Grease a springform pan and put the dough inside . Fill it with your fingers and make a 2 cm border .

For the Filling :

1 kg Quark ( I took greek yoghurt 2% fat )
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Oil
1 pack Vanilla sugar
2 Eggs
2 tspn Lemonjuice
1/2 l Milk
1 pack Baking Powder
1 pack Custard Powder

Mix all the ingredients together and fill it into the springform pan , over the dough .
Preheated oven 200 degrees for 55-65 minutes !

Optional : I serve it with fresh fruitsauce . Put some fruits , I took strawberries, into the multimixer with a bit sugar and voila !!!

Try it out ! It is really easy and delicious !!!
Happy baking !
Love , Hugs and XXX

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm walking ....

sunny days , warm weather , people walking and sitting outside the Cafe's drinking "Freddo", "Frappe" "Ouzo" ....YES it's almost summer !
Here are some pictures from a morning walk in sunny/warm/blossom Greece <3

Have a nice Day & enjoy Nature's celebration  
Love, Hugs and XXX

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

OrGaNiC drinks and homemade CaKeS ...

many many years ago I started using organic products ( not everything as they were quite pricey ) . Those days the price is much better as when they first started . I think it also depends of what country you live .Here in Greece the prices are very different from store to store .
Because of a burn out I stoped drinking coffee in January 2010 . I love coffee , I love the smell of it , it's taste and all the fab variations . So I started drinking decaf . My parents , which are living in Germany discovered a very nice organic decaf espresso and you really can't tell the difference between the "real" and the "decaf" . I own a Espresso-Machine which grinds ??? ( I hope i chosed the right word as my english (you have all noticed) is not perfect ) the coffee beans and that's why I never have to miss the increbible fresh coffee aroma .
When I am on the go and my coffee machine far far away I like to drink my "organic NO CAF" from whole earth ! It's a caffeine-free alternative to coffee , made with organic barley ,ground chicory , roasted figs and malt

I also like to drink a nice cup of tea , especially in the evening . It is so relaxing . 
I like the " Organic Redbush Tea " which is caffeine free and very delicious. A bit of agave syrup and some milk ! Mmmm .... perfect preparation for the land of Dreams :)

Yesterday I backed cakes with my students ! It was real fun and very tasty ! 

The preparation is easy and the result is a very soft , juicy and delicious cake !

I did not take pictures from the preparation but here is the outcome !

One with apples and the other with cocoa !

what you'll need for 2 small cakes :

150 g Butter

150 g Sugar 

150 g flour 

2 tspn baking powder

1 pinch salt 

4 Tspn cocoa ( plain , no sugar )
4 drops Rum aroma
3 eggs
1 Vanilla
1 apple
cinnamon powder

Mix the butter with sugar , vanilla , salt and eggs untill they become foamy. Mix the flour with baking powder and add it to the dough . Mix it together .
Take one loaf pan and insert half of the dough inside . Peel the apple and cut it in 4 slices . Put them into the dough , press them a little inside and sprinkle them with cinnamon powder.
Insert half of the left dough into the other loaf pan .Insert to the one left in the bowl the cocoa and Rum . Mix it together and put it over the white dough in the pan . Take on fork and mix the white and brown doughs spirally together .
Oven : 160 Degrees for 60 minutes !

Have a beautiful day everyone xxx
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Buy Buy :-)

even thou I am very busy this last days I always find some time , mostly after work , to do some walks in the city centre of Thessaloniki with my colleagues and have a look on all this new spring collection . The stores are full of colours on their windows  and the only thing someone ( Me) can think about is what to buy for spring ....!

I bought some things and the best buy of all was a light blue leather bag which was on sale . From 79,00 to 14,00 Euros on my favorite A.L.E Shop ! The bag is real big and fits all my stuff I can't be without ....Ipad , notebook , diary ....and so on ! I couldn't resist to the Boyfit Jeans , which was not on sale as it is from the New Collection . The fabric is really soft which was a surprise ....seing it I thought that it would be real thick and hard but that's only the optic and it feels just great wearing it ! Aaaand I bought the Lumi Concealer from Maybeline. After reading the reviews between this one and the one from Loreal I decided to go for Maybeline .
The last thing I bought was a book I was searching for over a year . I went to a Bookstore and without even thinking of it there it was ....just like that . It is a greek Book telling about the first cinema in a village in Greece . I always carry away reading about the 50's and 60's . Just imagine how it would be if you would discover new things . How would you feel if you would see a movie first time in your life ? People talking and moving on a wall? ..... it's really hard to understand for us as all of these things and so much more is part of our life since we were born.

BUT what would shopping be without some coffee and ice cream ???
Well , for me it would be wasting half a day hahahaha . I can't resist the greek frozen yoghurt from YASU . Great yoghurt , dreamy homemade syrup and delicious fruits !!! If you ever visit Greece try it ............!!!!!!!!!!

That's for now ! Happy shopping everyone ! Have a beautiful day !
Sending you sunny hugs and xxx

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