Thursday, 27 June 2013

My New Best Curvy Friend !!!

Hello my dears !!!!
Last tough month before August vacation :) Right now things are really crazy as I am very very busy . It's all about examinations and I spend all day in front of the office desk preparing the exampapers ...poor students , I know :(

Disturbing thing that happens to me a few days before I left home beloved Espresso-Machine said goodbye to me ! Well , how can someone live without ? So I started searching for a new one . I tested Dolce Gusto vs Tassimo and Dolce did the contest . Far better taste and foam . Right now you can get the Piccolo version for 59 € . I wanted to go for this one but after searching on the net I find the Melody III Red for only 89 € . This one is automatic and very cute !So you can fix warm or cold coffee/tea drinks !!! Now I am a proud owner of it and the good thing is that I have it with me and I already use it on my crazy work days which is a good thing for my colleagues too as they spend a lot of time in my office :) I know they like me but somehow I have the feeling that they like the Melody as much or maybe more ???? hahahahaha But it's ok , they know I am a kind person ( mostly ) and as the weather does not allow us to go outside much ( hot hot hot summer ) I opened the Julias DesCafe :)

(my curvy new best best friend)
(can you smell it ? ) :)
(doesn't that look delicious ???)

It's really very very hot right now and if there is no real emergency it's better to stay inside the A/C . No biking at all :( and I really miss it . Hopefully things will get better the next days ! And if we must go outside we stay close to water... any kind !!! :)
At nights things are a bit better ... so we went to a greek folklore festival on the full moon night ! I could not make a good picture of the moon (with my iphone) which made me mad as it was magical !!!


                                    Have a great "cool" day <3
                                       Love, Hugs & XXX
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