Wednesday, 23 July 2014

about clean eating ...2

After my disappointment over losing all my pictures in here I decided to make a fresh new start ! 
Lately I am searching a lot about clean eating and trying to make this part of my life . Of course I have my ups and downs but that's ok , I guess . 
One think that is hard for me is dairy , means milk . I love milk ! Even thou I buy the 1,5 % fat one , lately almond milk takes most of the regular intake . BUT , I don't like it as much . Everywhere I read about how yummy almond milk is ...well , maybe it is just me and I get used to it but right now I treat myself with a half and half serving . Other than that there are a lot of delicious recipes on the internet about clean eating .
 My favorite was the super clean and vegan chocolate cake ! Never thought that it would be this tasty and it is so easy to prepare .

 All you need is :
250 g grounded nuts ( hazelnuts , almonds - whatever suits you ) 
250 g dates or figs 
70 g unsweetened cocoa powder 
1/4 water 
Put the dates or figs with water into the blender , mix till it becomes like a paste . Meanwhile mix the nuts with the cocoa powder in a bowl , insert the fig or dates paste , stir well . Put it into a tin and into the fridge . 
You can eat it right away but I like it cold .
Anyway , I like to try out new dishes and  of course having my cheat meals :)
Here are some of my "clean" dishes 
Quinoa Salad 
 Fresh spinach with quinoa 
 Oatmeal with cinnamon and frozen raspberries
 Dried fruit snack 
 Lettuce salad with soya beans and chicken 
My morning smoothie with rasberries , banana , apple , strawberries and spinach 
Any tips , recipes , infos are very welcome !!!!
I hope you all have a beautiful day 
as always 
Love , hugs 
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