Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summertime and the livin is easy it ?

Hello my dear friends ..... 
my vacations are almost over , just a few days left and I am trying to get the best out of these last days . Summer is my favorite time of the year ( excluded heat waves ) . Why ? Well ...:
1. You don't have to wear many clothes 
2. You can go to the beach 
3. Summer nights are the best 
4. You can choose over all the delish summer fuits
5. You have longer holidays.......
and so on but there always be a BUT 

What I love - hate about Summer and vacations ....
waking up in the morning and looking straight to the moon 
 Lying on my hammock enjoying the sweet nothing 
 greek salad with fresh veggies from the garden and kalamata olives 
 picking fresh figs from my tree 
enjoying the sunset while drinking greek coffee 
quiet mornings at the beach 
marco enjoying nature 
 taking naps together 

as you can see , there are many many things I enjoy let's get the the annoying ones 


Why there are no such signs at the beach ???? WHY ????
(google image)
 parents getting mad , you know when they start shouting like :" Janni , Jaaaanniiii , don't go that deep into the sea . " " Marriiaaaaa , put on your hat . Marriiaaaaa " 
                                                (google image)
this little fellows .... spending all my money on anti mosquitos  sprays - creams-roll ons and whatever new magic stuff is on the market ....
(google image)
my favorite ....beach raquetes .... you know how it is when you just chill , dreaming , relaxing and bam there comes this killing ball ???? like you wake up in the middle of a war ? and this clac - clac - clac noice .... HATE big time !!!

BUT  nevertheless summer is and will be my favorite time of the year . And even thou I listed the hate things without them it wouldn't be a proper summer . 
Have a beautiful day eveyone 

Love , Hugs
& XXX 

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