Monday, 21 September 2015

Spin , Spin and dyes ...

Hello my dear friends ,
Summer is coming to an End and Fall is in front of us . I must admit ( I could never imagine to say this ever ) I am so ready for Fall and so happy Summer goes away . This last years I can't deal with the heat we have here in Greece . The only place to stay is a place with a/c . You can't do nothing . No moving , no knitting , no spinning ............  The only time I could stand it at the beach was early in the morning when the sun was kind and people were asleep . 
Conclusion ? Yes I am getting older ! 
But I was able to spin and try some yarn and fiber dyeing . My progress in spinning is ok'ish but far from perfect . At least I found some rhythm in it and the fiber is not breaking this often . But as always there is a BUT . Now that I am more comfy I can not order any fiber . We are still suffering from the Capital Control in our Banks which means : No orders from outside Greece . No money tranfer outside the country . I can't order any fiber , no pattern no nothing and it sucks and I am pissed off big time as I don't know for how long this will last . 
Anyways , I will show you my progress and what I have done. 

My first selfspun 100 g skein . I was so proud of it . Now I think I could really do this thinner . Well ....This is a single ..of course !
And here is my first 2plied yarn ! I love this one . I love the colors and the texture . I had no lazy kate but I did well with a shoe box as you can see . 
100% Merino wool !
2ply yarn but not soft at all . I am looking for a slipper pattern for this one .
Heavenly !!! 75% Xfine Merino , 20% Silk and 5% Stellina . It was a tricky one at first because it was so slippy but once into it I could not stop . Single skein .
And here I tried some dyeing with leftover colors from my Batik painting .
Handspun and dyed yarn . 2 ply 
As you can see I did some progress and hopefully soon I will be able to order some fiber to continue . Right now I am doing some knitting with my yarns . I am saving the silky one for the Askews me Dickey by Stephen West . It's on the top of my wishlist but I have to wait till things work again with the banks here.
I just finished the Herringbone Bandana Cowl by Abhaya Fibers . Lavanya was so nice , I was a testknitter for this cowl ans she offered me her also beautiful pattern , the Cabled Bandana Cowl  for free .
Here are two pictures of my finished Exploration Station and Askews me Shawl by Stephen West . 
All my finished projects on Raverly are listed here

Well , that's for now . Stay tuned on my spinning and dyeing journey .
Have a beautiful day 
Love - Hugs 

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