Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TaaaaTOO - 2

Happy Tuesday everyone !!!

Last time I was preparing myself for my first tattoo . It took me a while to choose the perfect word, fonts ,style .... which wrist should I have my tattoo on , left or right ? After a lot of thoughts and conversations I did it .
I was kind of nervous as I did not know how much it hurt and how long it would take . Well .... it HURTS a LOT !!! The wrist is a place which is very soft and delicate and you really feel it . My tattoo artist told me that the wrist and the side are the most painful areas . Of course he told me that after the tattoo was done .

Here are some pictures during the process .

Stencil is ready after about half an hour working on the computer 
Word is ready ..lets go for the birds 
...and here it is !!! My first tattoo !!! I LOVE IT !!! 

I am proud of myself :)
What I did not thought about was the time after . You have to take care of your tattoo , washing it softly with a mild soap and putting a special cream on it 4-5 times a day . The first two days you can not touch it cause it hurts . Ah and don't sleep on white sheets on this first days cause the ink is coming out . I could see all my night journey the next morning . After 5 days it becomes itchy and the skin peels off . The flakes have the colour of the tattoo so don't be scared if you see your skin becoming multi-coloured. The first 15 days don't swim ( which is not that easy living in Greece with hot temperatures ) and avoid the sun ( impossible again ) !!! Put on Suncream at least with indicator 30 and as I said keep it moist and clean .
OK , I think that most of you know all about tattoos as I must have been one of the last people not having a tattoo but just in case there are some freshman's like me out there it's good to know what to expect , no ?
After all I am very happy with my tattoo and I can't look enough to it :)

                                            Have a great day

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