Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Do U Noodle ?

Hello everyone ,

again it's been a long time since the last time I published on my blog but time really is flying away !!!
I am on my 10 days break right now after working for about 12 hours a day .
I become a Noodle fanatic ........... everything started looking for a birthday present . My colleague and friend Gerlinde loves everything handmade . She also loves the greek "Kourelou" , which is a carpet made from old cotton cloths on a loom . I have a lot of them from my grandmothers . But as I have no loom and I could not find and cut off old T-Shirts I discovered the noodles yarn . Beautiful colors and it was hard to decide what colors to choose. After talking with Gerlinde , I figured out that she loves redish things for her home .
The yarn is very thick and easy to crochet . I used a 20 crochet hook and it was very easy . The only difficult part was the weight the bigger the carpet become and that it was very hot and having the carpet on my body with 35 degrees caused some sweaty moments . BUT looking at Gerlindes face when I gave her the present was so worth it !!!
I forgot to took pictures from the start but here is what it looks like !

Now it's time to prepare one for me ! Maybe reading this you got in the mood to Noodle too ??? The time is right , days are getting colder ...just imagine you , sitting on your selfmade carpet enjoying hot chocolade and reading a book ...tempting ???
Have a beautiful day 

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