Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bake some Christmas

HoHoHo everyone ....
8 days to go till Christmas and things are crazy as every year . It's not only the Chrismas preparations , gifts and so on ... it's also that I am in the middle of my exams and that somehow does not allow me to be as happy as I want as I try to do several things at once . BUT nevertheless I feel all this awsome Christmas spirit everywhere . Walking in between lights and beautiful decorations makes me feel like I did when I was a little girl . 

 Last Sunday I did some Christmas baking ( away from home , in a foreign kitchen ...yes feel pity for me ) just to remember my childhood in Germany . There is no Christmas without it . My favorite is the Chocolade Bread . It's so simpel , delicious and it makes a lot of pieces . Try it and I am sure that you will bake it very often !
That's what it looks like ....

and here is the Recipe :

250 g Butter
250 g Sugar
250 g dark Chocolate ( chopped )
250 g Hazelnuts ( grated )
100 g Flour
6   Eggs
Chocolate glaze

Whisk the butter and sugar till they are foamy and insert the eggs , stir them well . Insert the flour slowly . At the end put the chocolate and the hazelnuts inside . Again stir all the ingredients together .
Put the mixture on a baking tray covered with baking paper .
Bake for 20 min . at 180 degrees .

Let it cool and spread the glaze over it . Cut it in small squares ! Enjoyyyy

It is really easy and I am sure that everyone will love it !
I baked also some Christmas cookies and ok , that's it for this year . I am sure that my Mom has baked big amounts of greek Christmas sweets (melomakarona and kourambiedes) back at home and that should be enough ...!?

 I think that the most important thing on Xmas is the preparation !!! when the house smells of cinnamon , the bakery , the sparkling lights , the christmas tree and the thoughts we give to our loved ones .
I took some pictures from walks and I hope that they give you all this nice warm feelings they gave me .

Have a nice Day 
Hugs - Love 

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