Sunday, 1 December 2013

....into the christmas mood

Happy December everyone <3
It's this time of the year where the days are getting short , the weather cold and we all want to spend more time inside ... or maybe it is just me . I like to see the first Christmas decorations , to taste the first Christmas sweets ( it would be much better not to ) and all this is reminding me that my favorite time of the year just arrived . The time before Christmas . First thing I do is searching for my Top Christmas movies . Spending time on my sofa , with my cosy blanket and a nice hot cup of cocoa , tea or coffee . Sometimes I wish I could creep in and be part of the story . I laugh , I cry , I am beeing sentimental or happy , just as the people inside . Watching old movies makes me wondering if it would be better to live at that time . Do you ask yourself sometimes the same ? Don't you feel like turning time back or to be living in another decade ? 
Anyways , here are some of my favorite Christmas movies 

What are your favorites ? 
Have a nice day 
Love , Hugs 
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