Monday, 14 April 2014

This and That and That and This .....

Hello there my dear friends <3
First of all look at this beautiful rose from my moms garden !!! So fresh and precious and shows me that yeah spring has arrived ! Everywhere blossom , colors and life . It is my favorite time of the year and I can't get enough of it .
I am busy as always and the days are running fast . So do I , as I am walking my way through time . My goal now is walking about 10 km a day . I feel better and better every day . I am walking in the mornings for about 45 min with Leslie Sansone and take long outdoor walks in the evening . A few days ago I bought some new walking shoes and I am in love with them ! They are so much 80's and the color is wowwww !!!! What do you think of them ????

As I am back home for Easter vacations I can't get enough of the beach , walking along with my mom , chatting about this and that . My parents will be going back to germany after Easter and we try to spend as much time together as we can . Still after this many years of coming and going the separation is hard every time ! 

And here is the Love of my Life !!! Marco ! He is a poodle toy , 6 monthss old and the cutest creature ever ! He can take away every stress , bad mood and sadness . See for yourself .....
Well , that's for now ! Have a great day everyone and as always 
loads of 
Love - hugs
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