Wednesday, 28 May 2014

about clean eating and crochet ... :)

Hello my dear friends <3 
It's been too much time since I last bloged .... I just realized  
But work / exams / seminars keeps me very busy with almost no access to the internet that is why I instagram more often . So go ahead and follow me on instagramm @juliasblog :) 
Well , summer is already here and I try to do something for a healthy toned body . As I already told you I try to do some walks / workouts ( not enough this past month ) and eat as clean as I can . We bought the Smoothie 2go Blender from Kenwood and it is the best !!!! Every morning I am preparing my smoothie . I am obsessed with apple/banana/strawberry/rasberry and spinach . It keeps me full till lunch ! Also a lot of herbal teas , in the morning pu erh tea and through the day cold fruit with mint teas . They are so delicious and energizing. Last week I made my favorite snack which is dried apple slices . I can't find them here in Greece and waiting fror my Mom sending them from Germany takes too much time . They were yummie BUT takes a loooong time to dry them out . I put them into the oven at 50 degrees for about 6 hours ! Next time I will hang them onto a string for a couple of days . 

Fav smoothie , dried apple slices , favorite teas 
walking and some fitness 
marco got a haircut 
what I see during my walks ... no filters 
My new passion and stress control is crochet . It is so relaxing and you can make beautiful things . My first project was this T-Shirt . I sew the lace on the back and cut the fabric out . 
Second project and I am very proud of .... my vest ! What do you think ???
I hope you all have a beautiful day ....full of Sunshine - Love & Happiness
Hugs & XXX
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