Monday, 18 March 2013

On the road again ....

Today it's a holiday here in Greece called "Clean Monday" . It was the last weekend of Carnival and from tomorrow on we count 40 days to Easter .
Tomorrow morning I am off to Thessaloniki ! Work is calling . I will be staying for about a month . All the last days I spend many hours doing laundry and today it's time to prepare my bag . Of course I am a expert in packing as I am away almost all the time but this time of the year you don't really know what to take and what to leave. It's when you start talking to yourself :
You : " Hmmm , should I take this sweater with me ? "
Brain : " No , it's not that cold anymore !"
You : " Yes but if the weather is getting colder ?"
Brain : " Ok , take it "
You : " Yes BUT it's taking a lot of space in my bag .... "
Brain : " Do whatever you want "
You : " You never help me .... "
I don't know if this happens to you but I do it a lot .
Sooo what I take with me for sure aside clothes and shoes and cosmetics and and and  ? My new Laptop of course !!!! To write whenever there is time on my Blog but unfortunatelly also to write for my Exams :-(
My new book "Bad Hair Years" - Martina Kink
My new scarf ( YES i finished it )

Have a great week everyone ! xxx

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