Monday, 8 April 2013

Buy Buy :-)

even thou I am very busy this last days I always find some time , mostly after work , to do some walks in the city centre of Thessaloniki with my colleagues and have a look on all this new spring collection . The stores are full of colours on their windows  and the only thing someone ( Me) can think about is what to buy for spring ....!

I bought some things and the best buy of all was a light blue leather bag which was on sale . From 79,00 to 14,00 Euros on my favorite A.L.E Shop ! The bag is real big and fits all my stuff I can't be without ....Ipad , notebook , diary ....and so on ! I couldn't resist to the Boyfit Jeans , which was not on sale as it is from the New Collection . The fabric is really soft which was a surprise ....seing it I thought that it would be real thick and hard but that's only the optic and it feels just great wearing it ! Aaaand I bought the Lumi Concealer from Maybeline. After reading the reviews between this one and the one from Loreal I decided to go for Maybeline .
The last thing I bought was a book I was searching for over a year . I went to a Bookstore and without even thinking of it there it was ....just like that . It is a greek Book telling about the first cinema in a village in Greece . I always carry away reading about the 50's and 60's . Just imagine how it would be if you would discover new things . How would you feel if you would see a movie first time in your life ? People talking and moving on a wall? ..... it's really hard to understand for us as all of these things and so much more is part of our life since we were born.

BUT what would shopping be without some coffee and ice cream ???
Well , for me it would be wasting half a day hahahaha . I can't resist the greek frozen yoghurt from YASU . Great yoghurt , dreamy homemade syrup and delicious fruits !!! If you ever visit Greece try it ............!!!!!!!!!!

That's for now ! Happy shopping everyone ! Have a beautiful day !
Sending you sunny hugs and xxx

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