Monday, 15 April 2013

Say Cheeseeee ...

the other day I baked with my class these cakes I told you about . My students enjoyed them as did my colleagues ! Yesterday , after our class they started talking about cakes . They are all germans and being such means that you really know about cakes and bread of course . Since I was a little child I really loved to cook and to bake . A typical german cake is "Cheesecake" - " Käsekuchen " !!!
As we were drinking our coffee they asked me if I could bake one for them . It was a challenge cause even thou I was borned in Germany and lived there for over 21 years I have greek roots which means that in my family we baked and cooked a lot of the greek cuisine too ! So I call myself a "Multi-Culti" cooker hahahaha . I said yes and started ! The kitchen I used was very very small as it is the staff kitchen .
That's why I couldn't take pictures during the preparation .
This cake is very easy and YUMMY !!!

For the Cake floor you need :
200 g Flour
100 g Sugar
1 tspn Baking Powder
1 Egg
75 g Butter

Mix all the ingredients together and knead them to a firm dough . Grease a springform pan and put the dough inside . Fill it with your fingers and make a 2 cm border .

For the Filling :

1 kg Quark ( I took greek yoghurt 2% fat )
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Oil
1 pack Vanilla sugar
2 Eggs
2 tspn Lemonjuice
1/2 l Milk
1 pack Baking Powder
1 pack Custard Powder

Mix all the ingredients together and fill it into the springform pan , over the dough .
Preheated oven 200 degrees for 55-65 minutes !

Optional : I serve it with fresh fruitsauce . Put some fruits , I took strawberries, into the multimixer with a bit sugar and voila !!!

Try it out ! It is really easy and delicious !!!
Happy baking !
Love , Hugs and XXX

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  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog Julia! I love your blog as well. This cheesecake looks divine! I hope to make it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanx so much <3 !!!
      As for the cake it is easy to make and it's YUMMY :)

  2. This looks like a cake I've made before called Kooha! I will have to try your recipe ! Looks amazing :)

  3. I just noticed my sister commented on this post as well. Great minds think alike. Oopsie daisy!