Friday, 3 May 2013

Greek Easter ...

Well , one month after the Catholics it's time for our Easter . Very late this year but with summer temperatures and swimming at the beach ! This combination is the best spring break ever :)
Easter is a very big celebration here in Greece and the most important too .

All this holy week people are busy . Baking Easter cakes , painting eggs , whitening their yards , preparing the Easter Lamb .....
Today there is the Epitaph . When it is getting dark every Church brings out the Epitaph , which is decorated with flowers . People are following with candles , singing the Hymns .
Tommorow at Midnight we all go to church , waiting for the holy light . Eveyone has large candles and we are bringing this light to our homes . The children are getting decorated candles from their Godfathers/mothers and also a pair of shoes which is tradition . After Church we are all eating soup and clink our eggs for good luck .
On Sunday you will smell everywhere Lamb . The Lamb is on a spit which is also tradition and there is a lot of wine , dancing and chatting !

Homemade Easter cookies
Dyeing eggs
Decorating my Home & Garden

Greek Easter Tradition 

                                         Love , Hugs & XXX

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