Sunday, 19 May 2013

What I've done ...

Hellooooo !
It's been some time since last time BuT I am back to work !!! Good thing was that for the last 10 days I was just teaching and so there was time to do some great outdoor expeditions :) like riding a bike again after several years ( I am obsessed and addicted) ! Going to a Reggae Festival ! Eating chinese ! Taking long walks AND finally swimming first time this year !!!!!!!! YEAH
Here are some pictures for you to see ...

Free as the Wind ....
I did a great job after this years :)
Chinese Tsingtao Beer ...
Salad and springroll as Starters 
My beloved Mentaki Noodles with veggies 
Reggae Festival drinking some Beer after the cycling
Great Music and handmade Jewellery
I bought this wooden Hair-Clip 
Sunday morning at the Beach 

Well as you can see I've had a great time !!! From tomorrow on things will be a bit stressed again as we have the Exams starting !
I wish you all a great Day & Week ....
Love , Hugs & XXX

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